We feel very strongly about saving the environment here at Leaflet2go, therefore we feel it is important to recycle wherever possible.

The Paper we use is FSC accredited. This means we know it has come from a renewable source. All our waste paper is recycled.

When requested, we can quote to print on a 100% recycled sheet.

We use vegetable inks rather than traditional petroleum based inks.

They take less energy to produce and emit less Volatile Organic Compounds, they also are easier to remove from paper during the de-inking process of recycling paper.

There is also plenty of ink, chemicals and paper used in the printing process. They all need careful, considerate and responsible management.

We recycle and reprocess what we can; printing plates, waste paper, ink tins, plastics and printer cartridges. Using renewable energy and re-using pallets and packaging, we aim to reduce consumption where possible.

We don’t recycle chemicals and hazardous waste.
They are stored safely and collected by licenced carriers.

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