• A4 Leaflet & flyers

      From: £30.00

      A4 Leaflets & Flyers

      Make a professional impression

      A4 document size creates an instant, eye-catcher. Printed two sides, it’s perfect to display in windows and door glass. One-sided it’s a money saver for school corridors, meetings, seating plans and seminars… wherever you’ve important stuff to share. Choose A4 for forms, handouts, give-aways, posters or menus, and for info you want people to enjoy, then keep safely on file.  Just choose your stock in 135gsm or 350gsm silk. Then start adding images, tantalising text, long-lasting lamination…whatever it takes to say it with pride.

    • A5 Leaflet & flyers

      From: £21.00

      A5 Leaflets

      Manageable and mobile for handing out at events, for door drops and in parcel deliveries.

       Go budget with our A5 leaflets, printed one or two-sided, on 135gsm silk. Smart as they are, they still save you money. Or go for broke with 350gsm premium silk card – to convey style and prestige, it’s the business! Leaflet2go prices mean you can afford to print lots of them, and splash your name everywhere. We’re here to help and we’ll even do you a trial sample on the stock of your choice, so you get a proper feel for the finished article. Let’s get it right first time, and do you justice.

    • A6 Leaflet & flyers

      From: £20.00

      A6 Leaflets & Flyer

      Postcard size – a creative’s dream format

       A favourite size for greetings cards, invitations and thank you notes. A6 is also your friend for promoting festivals and events, for magazine inserts and free handouts. It’s a neat, sweet, pocket-sized format that people love to keep, long after the event. You can use A6 for fine art mini-prints, to sell or give away at exhibitions. You might run a picture ad for your hotel, pub, restaurant, or venue on 350gsm for your customers to use as a postcard. Just a touch of added prestige, with extra mileage for your business.


    • DL Leaflet & flyers

      From: £20.00

      DL Leaflets & Flyers

      Keep it affordable, say it with pride

      Tall, slim and elegant, DL is actually a third the size of an A4 document – it all makes sense when you see how print sizes work. The art of DL is that it stands proud in leaflet dispensers, so people automatically help themselves to your info and company details. Use it for local maps, handy price lists, for menus or spa, salon and service tariffs. With Leaflet2go, we make it so easy and inexpensive to update your DL leaflets and keep things current, to the very day. On our 135gsm silk, a single DL sheet is light enough to travel well. On our premium 350gsm card, it’s a keeper.

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