• A3 Folded twice

      From: £37.00

      A3 Folded Twice

      A dazzling display size

      A3 folded gives you space to spread it all out in glorious colour. Use A3 for enticing posters and promotions, exhibitions and education, for exciting give-aways people will want to keep. Leaflet2go customise your leaflet or flyers from format to laminated finish, and we’ll talk you through it all, so it’s printed true to your vision.

    • A4 4pp Folded Leaflets

      From: £37.00

      A4 4-page Folded Leaflets

      Designed for technical wizardry or lots of info to share

       Extra pages make A4 into a perfect manual, when you want to show your customers how to build it, install it, or use your product properly. This is the generous way to go, and gives you lots of space to spread the information out with line drawings, diagrams, and juicy pictures. It’s also a beautiful way to present your menu. Think about printing extras for giveaways to happy customers. That helps you get referrals and recommendations.

    • A5 4pp Folded Leaflets

      From: £35.00

      A5 4-page Leaflets

      A tried and trusted professional format to take on tour

      Exactly half of A4 document size, A5 makes the handiest booklet, leaflet or flyer that’s spot on for special promotions, holiday package deals, gigs or concert tours, where you’ve plenty to sing about. It’s an easy format to hand out at events and exhibitions, with space to talk up what you’re offering. Yet it’s neat enough to push through letter boxes, and a handy reference size for manuals and instructions. Bear in mind if you’re posting it that four pages doubles the weight when you’re choosing your stock from either our 135gsm or premium 350gsm silk. Just ask and we’ll print you a sample.

    • A5 6pp Folded Leaflets

      From: £70.00

      A5 6-page Leaflets

      Persuasive six pagers to cram-pack with information.

       Choose to print on quality 135gsm silk or weighty 350gsm for card-like quality. There’s plenty room to ramp up your message, to add vouchers or coupons, and make your call to action bright, bold and persuasive. Make your phone number or website the star, or tell your whole story with breathing space in the design.

    • A6 4pp Folded Leaflets

      From: £30.00

      A6 4-page Folded Leaflets

      Neat & sweet with endless scope for your creativity

       A6 is already pocket sized so your customers won’t fold it again out of sheer habit! It stays perfect and there’s a lot to be said for that. A6 is also a fantastic medium for creating unique greetings cards, neat thank you notes, even fun-packed invitations that have more to say than just the basics. Let your imagination run wild and free. Just select your stock from our classy 135gsm silk or go for the card-like quality of our 350gsm silk, so the finished job reflects your message perfectly.  It’s a postcard, and what could be better to spread the word.

    • DL 4pp Folded Leaflets

      From: £57.00

      DL 4-page Folded Leaflets

      Sleek and stylish with no fuss

       The all-time classic that’s so easy to post in standard DL envelopes. A four-pager on 350gsm card is the prestigious choice for hair and beauty salons, for price lists, menus and services that need to look as good as you do.  Add lamination and that keeps your leaflets pristine. On 135gsm paper stock, DL is a cost-effective choice for instruction manuals, or to put across technical information with clarity and care.


    • DL 6pp Folded Leaflets

      From: £35.00

      DL 6-page Folded Leaflets

      The politician’s favourite door drop

       You can fit so much on a DL six-pager, with plenty pictures to say what a thousand words can’t.  Don’t forget to include a big picture of yourself if yours is the face you want people to recognise and remember. DL is a favourite door drop for canvassing votes, and so easy to post out in off-the-peg DL envelopes. Use it for instruction manuals too, when our 135gsm silk is plenty. Or try it on weighty 350gsm silk and give an important mission statement extra gravitas.

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